Welcome to our Fall Protection division

We are a global MSA Latchways approved installer and provider of highly developed and innovative personal protective equipment.

Operating on a global platform via our fall protection website www.fallarrest.com we can offer advice, information and an all encompassing envelope package for all disciplines regards working at height.

These services include an information portal, roofing membranes, cable systems, handrails, ladders, roof lights, roof light protection covers, step overs, access stairs, annual maintenanceand testing of existing fall protection systems, lightening protection, training and much more.

A fall protection system is rendered pretty useless if you don’t utilise the correct personal protective equipment to use in conjunction and we are able to provide advice and the supply of leading, innovative and highly engineered products.  These include harnesses, lanyards, personal rescue devices, SRL units, mini SRL blocks, rescue kits, free standing non-penetrative weighted anchors and much more through our PPE website www.harnesses.co.uk.

Our engineers are trained to comply with all Working at Height Regulations standards and undertake training for all of the systems that we install.

In fact there is no product that we are not able to source for you.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] or call 023 9246 6416

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Everything you need to know about fall protection

Even in 2016 falls from height remain one of the most common causes of injury and fatality at work accounting for nearly 30% of injuries to workers. It is a stark reality that in an age where working at height is commonplace that fall protection measures still need to be much more effective.

According to fall protection manufacturers a three pronged approach to fall protection is required, namely engineering innovation, compliance & regulations and representative test methods.