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VersiRail is a guardrail system, available as either freestanding or fixed, offering collective fall protection and can be used for:

  • protection against falls from height
  • access protection
  • perimeter protection
  • marking out walkways

VersiRail is superior to its competitors not only in its appearance, weight, ease of installation but also the quality of its engineering. To complement the quality product range, Gable ensures the level of customer service they provide is second to none and can design the ideal layout for your project to make the most of VersiRail’s unique characteristics.


VersiRail is primarily a practical solution providing collective fall protection but, due to its attractiveness and quality finish, can also be viewed as an architectural feature on a building.

VersiRail is offered in:

Four style options

  • Curved
  • Inclined
  • Straight
  • Folding (freestanding only)

Four fixing options

  • Slab mounting plate
  • Wall mounting plate
  • Z-Type mounting plate
  • Parapet mounting plate

Three finishes

  • Natural
  • Polished
  • Powder coated to a RAL colour

This flexibility ensures you can tailor the system to match your requirements and  surroundings.  VersiRail is not only practical but pleasing to the eye.

VersiRail is manufactured in aluminium which is roughly 1/3 of the density of guardrail systems that are manufactured from galvanised steel. This weight difference ensures that VersiRail is manoeuvrable and easy to handle at the time of installation. VersiRail is 30% lighter compared to traditional steel systems.

Ease of Installation

The weight difference between VersiRail’s aluminium components and the competing steel systems ensures that VersiRail is a far more efficient system to install.

When comparing the time taken to move handrail tubes from ground to rooftop, one man is able to lift 18 m of VersiRail handrail at one time compared to only 3 m of the other handrail systems.

VersiRail is 5.6 times quicker to install compared to traditional steel systems.

Quality of engineering

VersiRail has been fully tested to EN 13374 at 2.5 m spacing for the freestanding system and to EN 14122-3 at 1.5 m spacing for the fixed system. The quality of material and finish on VersiRail is critical to its durability.

VersiRail does not require annual inspection.

If you would like to receive further information on the VersiRail system, please contact us

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