Fit for Purpose

Fall protection systems are designed for the sole purpose of protecting operatives whilst working at height In order to prevent serious injury and even death.  It is therefore essential that the design and implementation of these systems are carried out by qualified and competent installer companies who possess the necessary expertise and experience to be able to offer this service.

There are many fall protection companies and varying types of systems within the market place and there can be much confusion when researching what is the best system for you.

As market leaders in the fall protection industry Latchway have compiled the following ‘fit for purpose documents’ which outline the criteria that should be met when designing and installing a fall protection system. The EC Declaration of Conformity provides assurances that their products conform to the relevant standards that are required.

Please ask our office for further information regards relevant approvals regards the roofing substrate that the fall protection system is to be fixed to.

Because at the end of the day lives depend on it!  Is your system ‘FIT FOR PURPOSE?’