After care, annual testing & recertification of your systems

On completion of the installation of a fall protection system Gable Fall Safe will provide operative training and on-site instruction manuals to ensure correct usage as required by BS EN 795, BS EN 7883, and BS EN 361).  Our manuals include; (but are not limited to)

  • User Instructions
  • Layout drawings
  • PPE Certificates
  • Recommendation on safe system of work with regards to management of the system

It is a legislative requirement that fall protection systems are tested, inspected and recertified at intervals no greater than 12 months.

Gable Fall Safe Safety Systems offer a regular maintenance service to ensure that the system and all ancillary equipment is in good condition and will perform safely in the event of a fall.

All maintenance contracts are held on a database to ensure regular annual inspections, as required by BS EN 365:1992. This service reduces client management administration time and protects against accidental neglect of the regulations and the system. Our recertification co-ordinator will issue a reminder 2 months prior the recertification date in order to remind the client of the expiry dates of these systems.  Once an order is received we work closely with our clients to ensure smooth operation of the works to be carried out as effective and as efficiently as possible. Our portfolio of clients includes schools, colleges, airports and high security risk establishments so we understand the requirement for careful project management.

Legislation states the following;

  • Fall protection systems should be tested at intervals no greater than 12 months (BS EN 795)
  • Eyebolts should be tested at intervals no greater than 12 months (BS EN 365)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be inspected as a minimum as twice yearly. Depending on the usage in more arduous conditions this could be increased to every 3 months